March 31, 2009

New Trick!!

I learned something new this morning.

I have been watching Cheese while he eats. When he is done eating he rushes over to another kitty’s bowl and shoves them aside and eats their food. The MomBean has learned that the way to keep him from doing this is to give him the can to lick while the rest of us are finishing up.

This morning I was the first one done eating. I looked up, looked around, and then went to Autumn’s bowl and tentatively nudged her out of the way. She didn’t even fight and I got to lick the rest of the juice on her plate. I see why cheese does that!

The mombean saw it and said something like “Oh no Mouse, not you too” I don’t know what I have to do with a rock band from Ireland, and really, I was too busy eating to stop and think about it. I think I am going to try it again tonight before mombean has a chance to mention it to the manbean. Heh heh

March 13, 2009


Wow! There was a murder in Aunt Jackie’s house!!!

She called my MomBean and told her that when she got home that there were bird feathers all through the house! There was no bird, just lots and lots of feathers. She thinks a bird got in the house from the balcony and then couldn’t find the way back out. And with 6 cats in the house…well, it wasn’t getting out even if it could find the door.

She said she asked the kitties which one was the bird murderer…I imagine the conversation went something like:

Jackie: ok. Which one of you carnivores devoured the poor helpless bird?

Cats: …

Jackie: nevermind. I am going to bed.

Much later…
A random cat: hack, hack, h-a-a-a-aaaaaaccckkkk!!

Jackie: WTH? It is 4 in the morning! Like I care at this point!! You are all guilty!

The guilty cat: Heh, heh. I think I will go give her stinky bird barf kisses.

Jackie: aaawwwww, did you come to give the mommy kisses…what a good kitty.

Cat: heh heh.

Well, that’s what I would do if I got the bird. Heh Heh.

Oh, and don’t believe a word Cheese says about his days of living like a rock star…the closest he ever gets is being in the same room when the MomBean plays that stick she calls a Floot.

March 03, 2009

Wait For MEEEEeee!


Cheese here.

The LadyBean says she has been living like a rock star lately and I want in on it. I have been waiting, but where are the chicks, man? I am not as interested in the chicks as I am in the M&Ms with all the brown ones removed. Where are the lady poodins to hand (paw) feed me sardines? I don’t miss the noise that Rock Stars make and I certainly don’t miss the throwing of furniture and all the hairballs, but I miss the lifestyle, Dude.

It really brings back memories. Well, it would if I was coherent during my rock star days…

February 23, 2009

It's About Time

well! It is about time! The MomBean has all but forgotten that I have adoring fans for so long that I am an old woman now and all my cuteness is behind me. Well, my behind is cute...and really, my little grey nose is pretty cute too...well, I guess I am still cute even if I am a little old lady now. Well, I wouldn't exactly say old...maybe older than I was when I was borned but I still got a lot of pep in me. But, thats beside the point. The point is that the MomBean was neglecting me. Terribly. Scandalously.

For a while it was because she was working all the time. She tells people it is just the nature of the work she does that she has to work all those long hours, but I keep telling her to just take me to work with her. She says I would have thrown up all over the car and having to work and clean up Poodin Barf wasn't her idea of a great day. Well!

Then, she quit working but she wouldn't let me on the flashy box thing because she was on it all the time. First, trying to find a new house, then trying to find a new job to go with the new house, then sitting on the couch for 2 months (she says it is because she blew out her knee, but I didn't see any blown up bits on her). When she finally went back to work, she ended up working more than she did the first time!! The horror! Lucky for me the ManBean was home all the time.

She worked at that new place for 3 months and then she said something about being downsized. I checked and she is still just as tall as she always has been so I don't know what she was talking about. I was expecting another few months of quality lap time when - BOOM - she got another job! It wasn't even 2 weeks!

She goes to work and comes home at a normal hour, not 10 and 11 at night! She says she is still doing Accounting work but she doesn't work the really long hours so I think she is a little confused. She gets to bring work home and do it online. I have investigated her papers and I don't really see her a'countin' anything. All her papers have little boxes and numbers on them (and cat hair now...heehee) but no beans! I checked for the beans as soon as I heard her tell a friend that she was a bean counter. I figure if I can find them, I can steal them, and then she will have to play with me.

Or I can always save them for when I get tired of waiting for lap time and smother her in her sleep. I figure if there is no one to feed me those beans might come in pretty handy.

March 25, 2008

Home Again

Yay! The mommy is back…oh, and the man-bean too.

They went to Missouri for a week to visit the Gramma Bean. Mommy said it was a nice relaxing visit and she thought the Woofie named Henry was very funny and cute. But she also said that she was very very happy to be home.

They came in and gave us much needed scritches (In fact, the mommy said she started stretching her fingers when they were still half a mile from the house so she wouldn’t get a dreaded finger cramp from Mega Scritching without warming up first), brought the luggage in and then went out to eat with their friends! What was that about! They were gone for a week so an hour of pettins wasn’t going to go far! But when they came back, the mommy put on her jammies and let me sit on her lap.

Autumn Savannah wasn’t having it though. She came over and sat on me while I was sitting on the mommy, even though I growled at her. Finally, I just gave up and decided to wait until mommy was in bed and give her kisses. I let AS have the lap, and then she started getting mean about it! Every time another poodin would get near the mommy Autumn Savannah would smack them on the top of the head!! I told her, “Autumn Savannah, that isn’t nice.” And she said to me, “I don’t have to be nice, it is MY lap!” and then the mommy picked her up and put her on the floor and went upstairs to read. I was going to stick my tongue out at AS but I didn’t think that would be very lady-like (okay, so I did it anyway, but just a little).

When mommy went to bed I waited until the light was out then I sneaked down and gave the mommy a big, drooly, purry kiss. After I finished slobbering all over the mommy I went and slept with the man bean since he doesn’t move around much. For once, all 4 of us were on the bed and we didn’t even fight. I don’t see this lasting long though…I am feelin’ all smacky

March 15, 2008

New Stuff!!

The mommy bean has a new website.

She has been working on it for a while which is why she neglected me so scandalously - or so she says. I think it has to do with all the stuff happening around the house. You know, the decision to implement the M-word and then the decision to not M-word. Looking for a job has kept her busy and then she is trying to get in all the trips that she wasnt able to take last year because her company was busy trying to work her to death.

Now that things have settled down a little she is able to be on here more often so now I get to be on the Tappy Box too. That is until tomorrow...when the beans go to visit the Gramma Bean and her Woofie for a week. Autumn Savannah is worried that with all this travelling that the beans will forget to come home but I reminded her about the Kitty Sitter. We get our own person to come to our house and feed us 2X a day! And the best part is that they leave after a while so we get the house to ourselves again. I telled her, "Just think AS, no one kissing our noses, or trying to give us scritches while we are trying to take our 47th nap for the day!" Well, by this time AS had run off to chase a Nothing (I swear she is so A.D.D.) so I was left talking to myself. Cheese was looking at me funny so I had to tell him that I started out by talking to AS and he rolled his eyes and said, "Suuuuuure."

Pfft...I dont know why I bother someti...OOOOOoooo...a piece of lint!!!

March 10, 2008


Oh My Goodness!!

Look at what is happening in China! Isnt there something we, as fellow Poodins, can do to help them????