July 08, 2006

Surprise My Paw!!!!

Here are the surprises that the mommy bringed us back from va-ca-shun. I have to say, I am neither surprised nor pleased. This isnt the first time mommy has gone on va-ca-shun and bringed back a poodin. That is how Autumn Savannah came to live with us. AND THAT WAS BACK IN JANUARY. Isnt it a bit soon to be thinking about new poodins.

And as if this werent bad enough...they both like woofies!

I have been checking out the other sites to see if any other poodins have to tolerate this kind of behavior and I was really surprised that there are others in my same situation. And they seem to be doing rather well. I was really surprised that Derby, Zeus, Princess Mia and all the
other poodins with 'ramic siblings seem to be okay with sharing the house with them. Then I read that the 'ramic siblings dont get sick, get hairballs, or get to sleep with the mommy. Well, that is okay then.

I wont be as hard on them as I was planning on being, but I will be showing them who is boss around here. In the meantime I think it is best that we stay out of their reach while they explore the house.
PS. the reason Cheese isnt here is cause he cant get his pudgy bootie up on the high shelves. Ha Ha!!


Zeus said...

Wow! You got two new kittens? That's amazing! You should help your human pet in thinking of names for the two of them and then make sure that the two new ones know where everything is in the house.

Hot(M)BC said...

It was furry nice of your Mom to rescue the two Green Wall shelter kitties. Just make sure they know you're the boss. Onyx and Mac aren't no trouble cuz like you saided, they don't eat your food or nothin. Much better than a new furry sisfur!

~~ Sanjee

PS How'd you get named Mouse? Grandma calls Mini "Mini Mouse". I guesses you can figur how that got started. I finks the real Mini Mouse is a 'ramic kitty. I kinda wish our Mini was a 'ramic sisfur.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

We got two of those kitties from Bonnie and Victor, who fostered them from the Green Wall Shelter and mailed them to us! They are very quiet and well-mannered.

Love your tree!!

Patches Lady

Teri said...

Sanjee - before the mommy gotted me she visited my home and held me for a while. I liked the mommy so I sat real still and was quiet. Also, she gotted me before my colors came in and I was all grey. So, since I was all grey, little, and mommy said I was quiet as a mouse...well, that's it. I like being called Mouse...it kinda fits too cause I am little still. I am 3 years old and I weigh 6 lbs.

Just Ducky said...

Yay, two more in a wonderful home. Looking forward to more adventures of the 'ramic kittie with all of you.

The Crew said...

Oh, you have 2 of Midnight's litter! He'll be happy to know they're fine, living in Maryland. Please let us know what you name them.

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Oh we can't wait to get our 'ramic poodie ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO