July 26, 2007

Something for me!

Wow, it has been soooo long since I was able to get on here that I forgetted how to use the tappy thing!

First things first….we has a nanny! The mommy hired someone to come in and feed us and play with us, and scoop our boxes every day! She says he is a Domestic Advisor and that he will be with us full time but I don’t care what we call him…he is here just for us! He also cleans house, makes the lunch for the mommy bean, cooks supper and breakfast, takes care of the gardens, and just makes the bean’s lives easier…but I know they got him just for me. It is working out so well that the mommy says everyone should have a ‘Barry’. I disagree. I think if everyone had a Barry, then there would be none left for me!

Barry says that I am his favorite. Problem is, he also says that about Cheese, Bumpers, and Autumn Savannah. Hmmmm…I don’t know if I like that. I took my time getting to know him. He has been here almost 2 months and I finally let him pet me without squashing myself flat on the floor to get away. I figure it is my gift to him. The other poodins liked him right away (and don’t tell him, so did I) because he plied them with treats, but I was more discriminating. I made him wait. That way it looked like I was gracing him with my affection. Now that he knows I like him it is just a matter of time until I let him experience my kisses full of drool-y goodness.

Cheese already sleeps with our Barry. As soon as he figured out that Barry = food Cheese was attached to his hip. In fact, when Barry was a little late with the stinky goodness one morning, Cheese licked his toe. Cheese said it was just to wake the Barry up, but I think he was checking to see if a Barry was a good thing to eat in an emergency.

April 08, 2007

Sleepy Sunday


March 31, 2007


It has been so long since the beans turned the tappy thing on that I was confused at first about the big glowing box in here. I know what the big glowing box on the wall in the living room is for (yelling at during Jeopardy), but it took me a minute to a'member what to do with this one.

WOW!! A Poodin would think the mommy had never seen spring before. She has been opening the house and letting us sniff the outside... and one night the Beans actually slept with the windows open! And she actually went outside and took pictures of all the salad I am not allowed to eat. She says this stuff is Sedum but since I am not blind everything is Seed-um..."Did you see the Daffodils?"..."Yup, I Seedum". The whole Happy-About-Spring thing doesn't last long though. After a few minutes of being outside she starts making lists about what the gardner needs to do this year and how quickly he can get it done. Well, the next few pictures prove that he has a lot of work to do because there are a lot of empty spaces still this year.

Last Year:

This Year:

Last Year:
This Year:

Though, Bumpers says that all we have to do is wait another 400 naps and the Hostas will be back again and things wont look bare any more.

The Mommy also has been talking about Spring Cleaning lately. She has been making sure the cleaning lady has been doing a good job and is talking to her about something called an EVENT CLEANING. Well, when the cleaning lady comes it is an event anyway, I don't know how this is going to be any different. The Beans seem to think that since they are having a big party that the house needs to be clean. But get this...the party isn't at the house! It is going to be held at someplace called VENUE. The beans have been talking about it a lot lately..."is the VENUE big enough? Will the VENUE have a bar? Will the VENUE have easy access for the Caterers? Can the Bakery people get into the VENUE early to set the cake up?" I gotta say...I looked at Mapquest and I didn't see VENUE anywhere near us. At this point I have to think the Beans have lost their minds. Something else that makes me think this is that when they check the mail they get all excited about little white cards that tell them who is coming to the party. Ummmm...people...Isn't that what scratching a tree is for? To let you know when and where the party is and who is expected to attend?

We all had to go to the Stabby place and get injected with biohazardous chemicals. The Stabby Dood said it would keep us from getting sick, but every time I go I have to get an EXTRA shot to keep the stuff that is supposed to protect me from making me sick...from making me sick!! Heh, figure that one out...I think it is just torture because we get to stay home and nap all day and the beans have to go out to hunt in order to feed us. I keep telling them that if they would just let me outside a bird might fly into my mouth and it would be one less meal they would have to prepare for me. Though, I don't know how I am going to get a cow to fly into my mouth...I do love the beef Stinky Goodness (even though it makes me barf all over the house).

Bumpers had to go to the stabby place a week earlier than we did. The beans had to have his pee checked out because he peed in the wrong place. He peed in the Mommy's study on her pretty curtains. Well, I think he was just giving his opinion, but the beans thought he needed to go to the V-E-T because he has poor taste in window dressings. Well, you can be sure I am not going to say a word about the color of the guest bathroom!! Turns out his pee is fine...the nice Stabby lady said that it was behavioral and suggested a few things the beans could do to help. Unfortunately, the beans are doing almost everything the stabby lady suggested (with the exception of the Kitty Prozac). The beans have closed the door to that study and the mommy has been using the Man Bean's study instead but she doesn't like it as much...she says it is too Mask-u-line.

Well, I am going to go bug the beans for some crunchies...all this tapping has made me weak with hunger.

January 03, 2007

Pix of Autumn

KC requested more photos of Autumn Savannah so here they are. I adore showing off my Tough A*s Tortie so here are some of her best stuff.

She loves her bear. She shows it love by beating the tar out of it every day.

Here she is helping build the kitty condo.

She is definately a bag kitty...