March 31, 2006

Tiny Ones

This is the time of year when the Mommy starts getting calls about Tiny Ones. People bring her itty bitty kitties who don't have mommies and my mommy helps them get bigger. Last summer we had 4 itty itty kitties. The ones we had the longest were Tulip and Timex. Mommy called the little girl Tulip cause she was so pretty, and she called the little boy Timex cause she said he "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'" .

Mommy's friend was caring for them at first but she was working every day and didn't have a whole bunch of time so my mommy got them when they were 5 days old. They slept a lot but they were a lot of work when they were awake.

Mommy was always making bottles and getting up at night to feed them. Those itty bitty kitties ate all the time! And then they wanted to move around a lot after they ate. When I eat a lot all I want to do is take a nap but they wanted to explore...Even before their eyes opened! Mommy was still in school and would take them to her classes. They got way too much attention if you ask me. But you have to admit that they were good for some 'AAaaaawwwwww's'. This is Timex

This is Tulip. They both thought that my mommy was their mommy too. But when they were 10 weeks old they went to their forever home with a nice family who had other kitties. Mommy still gets pictures of them and they look really happy and fat. Mommy is going back to work as soon as she gra-ju-ates and wont be able to take in Tiny Ones this season. That is probably a good thing cause they take up so much time that the mommy couldn't get out for long periods of time with out a babysitter. And Bumpers got confused and thought they were here forever and started to get annoyed. When the Tiny Ones left for good he went back to normal but I don't think he enjoyed them as much as Cheese did. It is funny though, cause the Tiny Ones always went looking for Bumpers when it was time to sleep. I think it is because that is his specialty: Bumpers taught them how to sleep in the good places and Cheese taught them how to play. I supervised their care and development and delegated the duties. That is my specialty. Mommy's best friend, Trala, says it is because I am a control freak but I say it is because I am thorough.

March 30, 2006

Sumo Demonstration

After chatting with Autumn about the difference in size between her competitors and her she said that she would think about her entry. After a while she decided that she was the right size for Sumo explaining that her petite size was a benefit. She then demonstrated her agility and speed on Cheese. While I admire her determination, I didnt have the heart to tell her that Cheese is a big push over. It is Cheese who teaches the Tiny Ones to play so he has to be very gentle. Like I said earlier...I hope I get to see her compete.

March 29, 2006

Autumn Savannah as Sumo

Autumn Savannah has been working on her Catolympics qualification. She has decided to enter the Sumo wrestling competition. I tried telling her that at a whopping 5 lbs (holding a brick) she is going to get her furry little butt kicked. But then she feels compelled to show me how she can quickly subdue her bear with almost no exertion. I can only hope that I am around when she competes, I could use a good laugh.

I think she should be in the track and field events. she constantly chases us around. When she isnt chasing us she is chasing bits that move know...fuzz, specks of dust, the air. Goofy little cat.

Anyway, I am practicing my floor routine. I call this the "Show the Goods" pose. Not only is it impressive to see, it helps me make fast friends with the boys in the house.

We have been keeping the mommy company again now that the spring break is over. This is a hard job though since she is annoyed these days...she found out that she is 2 credits short of graduating. She thought she was done and paid the money to Petition to Graduate. Now she has to take another class AND pay to Petition to Graduate again. She mumbled for a long time and even said words that made my whiskers curl!! I put my paws over Autumn's ears cause she is too young to hear words like may warp her permanently and considering how she is already, we really dont need that!

March 23, 2006

Cat Olympians!!

I am soooo 'cited!! Mommy finally told us what event we will be competing in, in the catolympics!! I am going to be competing in the gymnastics category, specifically the balance beam. I am soooo good at that!! I have been practicing a lot since I found out. I have perfected the pose I call "not falling off". It took me a while to come up with that one. Before that I was very good at the routine called "Jump, scrabble for footing, hang on for dear life, execute a difficult landing". Cheese is competing in the gymnastics category also, but he is doing a floor routine. He tried to qualify for the balance beam but he was still in the "Jump, scrabble for footing, hang on for dear life, execute a difficult landing" phase of his training. He is having a problem with the landing. Mommy put a couple of blankets on the stairs for a softer landing, but, after a couple of tries, he just lost interest. Now he is working on his floor routine. This is what he has so far...

He gets to this stage and forgets what comes next so he just takes a nap. He doesn't seem too concerned about it though. However, He does practice this part of it a lot... I guess he just wants to make sure he has it down.

Wait till you hear what event Autumn is competing in...

March 22, 2006

Meet Bumpers

This is my house brother, Bumpers. The picture is a little fuzzy, but that is is Bumpers. Mommy brought him home a year and a half ago. She said that he picked her and she couldnt say no 'cause he was so sweet. I don't know if he is sweet...he might be faking it. I think that cause he never gives me licks unless he wants me to move. However, when mommy brings home the Tiny Ones to help he is always sleeping with them. That doesnt surprise me cause he sleeps A LOT. Well, he is 9 years old so he is the oldest in the house now that Pretty has gone to play at the Rainbow Bridge.

Bumpers is the official Greeter in the house. When people come to visit, I usually leave cause they are rarely worth my time (unless there is food involved) but Bumpers is the first to go see them. After he smells them he starts rubbing all over them and bumping them (that is why mommy named him Bumpers). He helps the Orkin man when he comes. He follows him around showing him points of interest and making sure the mommy gets her money's worth. Every one who comes to the house loves him...the big faker!

Bumpers is registered for the Catolympics. He is going to compete in the Curling event. He has an advantage in that competition 'cause if it is warm and soft he curls up in it. It is like he has been practicing all his life!

March 20, 2006

Autunm Savannah

This is Autumn Savannah. She is the newest member of our pride. She joined us in January when the mommy went to see the grandma. When the mommy came back she had Autumn. I just hope this doesnt happen every time the mommy goes away. Now when she comes home from doing errands I keep 'spectin' to see new kitties. So far it has only happened one time.
Mommy says that if she didnt bring Autumn home that she would have died - I dont know if she is talking 'bout herself or Autumn, but I am sure glad no one went to the Rainbow Bridge! I still miss Pretty! I will tell you about Pretty later, but now, this is for Autumn. Well Autumn was very sick - I could tell as soon as I smelled her - and she needed lots of medcine. Also she had to go to the 'mergency place a lot too (A.S. said that when she had to go to the mergency place mommy would drive very fast! WHEEeee!). Then mommy started taking A.S. to a different place called TOWSON.

They went there 3 times and every time they came back A.S. would have more of her hair missing. I was worried that she would end up bald. And I wondered why they had to go to TOWSON to get a haircut. The third time the mommy took A.S. there she came back alone!! Where was Autumn? Mommy was on the phone a lot talking to TOWSON so I guess she was scheduling another haircut, but 3 days later A.S. came home and she was almost BALD! And she had things in her side that mommy would always check. Autumn didnt seem to mind cause she was back home, but mommy would keep her in a blanket a lot. I think Autumn was just playing cold to get snugglies.
Mommy said Autumn had nuu-moan-ya and developed an ab-sess and had to have ser-jer-ee where they took out half of her lung. I dont know what that means but mommy thought it was a big deal and gave her lots of kisses and snugglies. And, I have to say, she came back from TOWSON looking pretty ugly. I hope I never find nuu-moan-ya! It apparently makes you get bad haircuts!

Any way, Autumn has growed her hair back (most of the way) and I guess mommy didnt like it much cause she took Autumn to be spayded so they shaved her tummy. Mommy says this is the last ser-jer-ee Autumn will have to have, but then she knocks on the door when she says that.

March 18, 2006

Fun Stuff

Look what some one was kind enough to let me have (Yes, Aunt Jackie, I got something for free)! It is the kitty in the upper left hand corner! If you want it to follow your mouse around (and what cat doesnt?) then click on it one time. To make it stop just click it again! I was entertained for a whole second or so!

March 17, 2006

It's all mine

Yeah...this is mine too. It is all mine and sometimes I let the other fuzzies play with stuff, but we all know who it really belongs to...

Meet Cheese (not Meatcheese)

This is my brother Cheese. Mommy got him the same time she got me. He was really little - mommy says he weighed less than a can of Pepsi (whatever that is) and would have died if she didnt take him. Obviously Cheese got over that since he weighs in at 15 pounds now! He is the biggest kitty in the house! And he really is big boned! He is a tall kitty and if he weighed what he is supposed to he would probably weigh about 13 pounds. Still pretty big for starting as a starving little kitten. In fact, the day mommy picked us up he still had breakfast on his face! Our furry mommy brought us a baby bunny but Cheese didnt get much of that cause he was the smallest.

Cheese is really smart too. He can do about 10 tricks. Mommy's friend, Jackie, calls him 'poor dumb Cheese' but I know she is joking. He is really smart but he is a scaredy cat. He isnt 'fraid of new people but of other things...things he thinks will hurt him. I dont know where he gets that from, none of us other owners are like that. But Cheese is really sweet, and he just LOVES mommy. He sleeps on her side with his head on her shoulder at night. Sometimes he gives kisses but the mommy wont let him any more since the last time he did it looked like some one popped her in the nose (he doesnt realize how rough his tongue is).

Oh, that blanket he is laying on is the one my Grandma made for mommy when she graduated from college the first time.

Winter Games

Around here we have our own version of the Winter Games. Actually, it is only one game but it takes up our whole day. It is called Follow the Warm. It starts in the morning after breakfast and lasts all day. Pretty much, we move from window to window looking for the best warm spot. If there is a kitty already in it, then it is up to the new kitty to annoy the current kitty enough to leave. While this may sound easy, once we kitties find a good spot it takes quite a bit to make us leave.

Well, I had the warm spot in the sewing room all taken care of, and I was doing a pretty good job too! I was all twitchy and everything! And then my House Brother, Bumpers, came in and washed me until I couldn't stand his breath any more. Rather than having my fur smell like the inside of Bumper's mouth I had to leave. So he took my spot after I had already warmed it up! I went to tell the mommy but she just petted me and said she loved me. Well that is all fine and dandy, but I want my warm spot back! There are 4 cats in this house and depending on the weather and season, there are only so many spots one can sit in and be in the sun. I think I am going to go see where my brother Cheese is and take his spot. He is much bigger than me but I am more persistant. I hope he has a spot warmed up for me.

March 16, 2006

Hi Everyone!!

Hi there,

My name is Mouse (though my mommy calls me Meepers cause that is the sound I make when I am being cute). I have a brother named Cheese, a house brother named Bumpers and a new house sister named Autumn Savannah (sheesh!).

As the owners of the house we do the things that need doing around here. Things like napping, sleeping, dozing, and chillin'. When we are finished doing all the work around here we also hunt stuff. Stuff like bugs, kibble, mommy, and warm places to sleep.

Our biggest job though, is keeping the mommy company when she does homework. At first this was hard since we only had a spare bed, the floor, and the entire desk to lay on when we were keeping her company. It took some doin' but I finally nagged her enough and she brought a chair in just for me to sit if I could only keep Cheese out of it.