March 31, 2006

Tiny Ones

This is the time of year when the Mommy starts getting calls about Tiny Ones. People bring her itty bitty kitties who don't have mommies and my mommy helps them get bigger. Last summer we had 4 itty itty kitties. The ones we had the longest were Tulip and Timex. Mommy called the little girl Tulip cause she was so pretty, and she called the little boy Timex cause she said he "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'" .

Mommy's friend was caring for them at first but she was working every day and didn't have a whole bunch of time so my mommy got them when they were 5 days old. They slept a lot but they were a lot of work when they were awake.

Mommy was always making bottles and getting up at night to feed them. Those itty bitty kitties ate all the time! And then they wanted to move around a lot after they ate. When I eat a lot all I want to do is take a nap but they wanted to explore...Even before their eyes opened! Mommy was still in school and would take them to her classes. They got way too much attention if you ask me. But you have to admit that they were good for some 'AAaaaawwwwww's'. This is Timex

This is Tulip. They both thought that my mommy was their mommy too. But when they were 10 weeks old they went to their forever home with a nice family who had other kitties. Mommy still gets pictures of them and they look really happy and fat. Mommy is going back to work as soon as she gra-ju-ates and wont be able to take in Tiny Ones this season. That is probably a good thing cause they take up so much time that the mommy couldn't get out for long periods of time with out a babysitter. And Bumpers got confused and thought they were here forever and started to get annoyed. When the Tiny Ones left for good he went back to normal but I don't think he enjoyed them as much as Cheese did. It is funny though, cause the Tiny Ones always went looking for Bumpers when it was time to sleep. I think it is because that is his specialty: Bumpers taught them how to sleep in the good places and Cheese taught them how to play. I supervised their care and development and delegated the duties. That is my specialty. Mommy's best friend, Trala, says it is because I am a control freak but I say it is because I am thorough.


brandi said...

We love tiny ones! How sweet! How nice of your mom to help little ones survive! She is really a MOM.

Patches & Mittens said...

My Mom says your Mom is a wonderful lady! Thanks for the darling pictures.....

Max said... little. Buddah was the littlest kitty I ever saw but those are much tinier. Your mom is pretty cool for taking care of them!