March 17, 2006

Winter Games

Around here we have our own version of the Winter Games. Actually, it is only one game but it takes up our whole day. It is called Follow the Warm. It starts in the morning after breakfast and lasts all day. Pretty much, we move from window to window looking for the best warm spot. If there is a kitty already in it, then it is up to the new kitty to annoy the current kitty enough to leave. While this may sound easy, once we kitties find a good spot it takes quite a bit to make us leave.

Well, I had the warm spot in the sewing room all taken care of, and I was doing a pretty good job too! I was all twitchy and everything! And then my House Brother, Bumpers, came in and washed me until I couldn't stand his breath any more. Rather than having my fur smell like the inside of Bumper's mouth I had to leave. So he took my spot after I had already warmed it up! I went to tell the mommy but she just petted me and said she loved me. Well that is all fine and dandy, but I want my warm spot back! There are 4 cats in this house and depending on the weather and season, there are only so many spots one can sit in and be in the sun. I think I am going to go see where my brother Cheese is and take his spot. He is much bigger than me but I am more persistant. I hope he has a spot warmed up for me.


Karen Jo said...

Hi Mouse. That sounds like quite a game you all play. I hope you found another warm spot.

Fat Eric said...

Hi Mouse
Nice to see another blogging kittie appear on the scene. I found your link at Max the Psychokitty's website. Come and visit me some time!