July 26, 2007

Something for me!

Wow, it has been soooo long since I was able to get on here that I forgetted how to use the tappy thing!

First things first….we has a nanny! The mommy hired someone to come in and feed us and play with us, and scoop our boxes every day! She says he is a Domestic Advisor and that he will be with us full time but I don’t care what we call him…he is here just for us! He also cleans house, makes the lunch for the mommy bean, cooks supper and breakfast, takes care of the gardens, and just makes the bean’s lives easier…but I know they got him just for me. It is working out so well that the mommy says everyone should have a ‘Barry’. I disagree. I think if everyone had a Barry, then there would be none left for me!

Barry says that I am his favorite. Problem is, he also says that about Cheese, Bumpers, and Autumn Savannah. Hmmmm…I don’t know if I like that. I took my time getting to know him. He has been here almost 2 months and I finally let him pet me without squashing myself flat on the floor to get away. I figure it is my gift to him. The other poodins liked him right away (and don’t tell him, so did I) because he plied them with treats, but I was more discriminating. I made him wait. That way it looked like I was gracing him with my affection. Now that he knows I like him it is just a matter of time until I let him experience my kisses full of drool-y goodness.

Cheese already sleeps with our Barry. As soon as he figured out that Barry = food Cheese was attached to his hip. In fact, when Barry was a little late with the stinky goodness one morning, Cheese licked his toe. Cheese said it was just to wake the Barry up, but I think he was checking to see if a Barry was a good thing to eat in an emergency.