August 21, 2006

Goofy little kitty

I swear, the beans think that Autumn is the best thing since sliced bread. She was in a bag on the floor and was attacking anything that came across her path. Mom Bean thought this was the best thing ever and ran to get the camera.

Let me first say: she isnt the first kitty to ever do this. It is well documented that cats and bags rely on each other.

Secondly, I dont think she is the bees knees (whatever that is). I mean, she sleeps on my bed, bogarts my scritches, and is as bad as Cheese when it comes to treats.

Add that to the fact that she wants to play with me ALL THE TIME and you have a recipe for disaster. I dont mind chasing her sometimes, and I dont mind a quick rassel some times either. But if I am sitting in my box, I dont want to be bothered. I am relaxing - I dont wanna play!!

August 16, 2006


I figure that since Bumpers never gets any time on this site I would post a few pix of him.

I think I see why he is never on this site...he isnt the most exciting poodin on the block.

I think I am seeing a pattern here...

I keep telling him that he doesnt have to act up all of the time to get on here, but he does have know...move every so often.

August 11, 2006

More flowers

Before things got crazy around here the mommy took these pictures:
She is so proud of her flowers one would think that she made them herself!!

August 08, 2006

Some One's In Trouble!!

Cheese has been having a fun week. In addition to all of the stuff that has been going on around the house, Cheese learned a new trick. He learned that if he gets on the counter top he can open the cabinet up there. This wouldnt be a problem if there was boring stuff up there, but the cabinet is where the beans store the poison. you know...CHOCOLATE!!!

Well, Cheese got on the counter and was able to fish down a chocolate covered protien bar. Mommy heard the crinkling of the package but thought it was one of us playing with a toy. when she went into the kitchen she found this mess:

As if the half eaten chocolate bar wasnt bad enough, whoever did it walked around on some paperwork with messy paws! She looked around and Cheese was licking his chops and looking pretty guilty. Well, mommy put the protien bar in a baggie and put it in the cabinet (at this point she thought she had left it out and that it was her fault). She was keeping it just in case we had to run Cheese to the emergency vet - of course this happened after normal vet hours. A little while later she went back into the kitchen and the protien bar was back on the counter! Well, now she knew it wasnt her fault and that Cheese knew how to open the top cabinets.

Mommy kept an eye on cheese for a while and then went to bed at normal time. When she got up the next morning, there was the tube of hairball paste on the floor with numerous puncture holes in it. It was a brand new tube and it was the big one! Cheese had taken it off the kitchen counter, carried it to the steps and proceeded to eat it on the first landing. And when mommy tried to pick it up, it was stuck to the carpet. I have to say, I have never heard mommy say those words before! I wrote them down and am planning to look them up later.

For the next few days the beans had to keep making sure Cheese's booty was clean since the combination of the chocolate and all that hairball paste made him quite runny. And mommy was scooping the litter boxes, like, a squillion times a day...and we have 4 of them!!! Mommy says that the only good thing about this is that Cheese's booty was shaved last month (he gets infected anal glands) so he didnt have a whole lot of maintenece to do.

August 04, 2006

SSSHHHHH!!! Be Vewwy Vewwy Qwiet!

Ok, I have to make this quick. Mommy is in the other room doing 'stuff'. Things have been nutso here for almost a week! I dont know what to think! I dont know what is going on but we have been able to maintain a schedule! Ok, here is what has been happening...

  • Monday - we got something called DirectTV.

I dunno know what that is about...I always thought that if the tv was in your house and was on it was direct. Anyway, we had a guy going in and out, and on all 3 floors of the house for almost 4 hours. that didnt bother me too much cause he wasn't crazy and didn't make a lot of noise. BUT THEN...

  • While the DirectTV guy was at the house the biggest truck I have ever seen came to the cul-de-sac and started spilling stuff out of it's middle. Mommy looked out the door and said, "Good, the moving guys are here."

ummmmm...WHAT??? Moving guys??? No one cleared this with me!! Mommy scooped all of us up and put us in the bedroom and closed the door. Well, I ain't gonna lie, I was happy. I had my stuff with my smells and the door was closed so I felt safe. And to make things better, mommy bringed in some crunchies and water for all of us. The only thing that I didn't really appreciate was the TV guy kept coming in to look at the picture box.

After a lot of noise and voices it got quiet...eerily the calm before a tornado quiet. Mommy came up and opened the bedroom door and the 3 goof balls ran out into the rest of the house. I ventured out slowly, like I didn't really care one way or another. Well, let me tell you...I was stunned by what I saw. There was furniture everywhere!! And not in the right places like it normally is. But that was fine as far as I am concerned because what was even worse was the smell!!! This stuff had other poodins smells on them!!!

Mommy was on the phone with Aunt Jackie and it turns out that grandma and grandpa moved to California and didn't need all the stuff that they had so they sent it to us. Well, I knew we had cousins at the grandma's house but other than when mommy and daddy went on vacashun I never smelled them.

We decided the best way to handle the whole situation was to divide and conquer. Cheese and Bumpers smelled the furniture and Autumn checked out the...TWO NEW KITTY CONDOS!!!! I took care of making sure everyone did their job properly. I am more of a management kitty. After about an hour the group reported back to me that while the stuff smelled like other poodins, there were none to be found. We also decided that it was going to take a few weeks before the stuff smelled like us.

  • Wednesday - Mommy and daddy were gone ALL DAY.

Not a big deal, but mommy doesnt usually stay away for that long. After it got dark I started to wonder if she got lost. Not that I was too wasnt feeding time yet.

  • Thursday - it was the middle of nap time and mommy said the dreaded words: Oh good, the truck is here.

Man! will this never end???Now what was going on? I looked outside before scoping out the best hiding place (under the bed) and there was this big truck in the driveway. It wasn't as big as the last one but it was still pretty big. The guys were pulling the biggest box I have ever seen off of it. Then they brought it upstairs and ...RIGHT INTO THE BEDROOM. They were making so much noise that I bolted out of the room as fast as my paws could propel me. Mommy was helping them and the next thing I knew they were gone. Now I really didn't know what to think. I couldn't tell that they left anything. Something smelled different, but I couldn't figure out what. I decided that it wasnt that important after all and hopped up on the bed to resume my nap. I knew right away what was different! There was a new bed! I liked the old one just fine! No one ever consults me on this stuff.

Mommy said that it was a Tempurpedic bed and would be better for Daddy's back than the water bed. They ordered it 4 weeks ago but since they were putting it in the waterbed frame they had to special order a California King. Well, the bed got here but I am still waiting for the king. I just hope it isnt that creepy king that is on the TV that tries to sell burgers. He scares me.

As if that werent bad enough, every night the beans go out to something called a 'hot tub'. It came from the grandma's house and as soon as the electrician was finished they plugged it in and it worked fine. Now when they come in from outside at night they smell bleach a little. They get a shower after that and then crawl into bed. After their showers they smell normal again so it must not be too big of a deal, I just dont know what a bean does in a 'hot tub'. When I watch them from the window it looks to me like they are just sitting there. Sometimes the water looks like it is boiling. That scares me, what if they are really bean soup and they won't be able to open the cans of stinky goodness for us anymore. They dont seem worried though and they come back in after about an hour so I will just wait and see what happens. But in the meantime I am going to eat as much as I can just in case I have to go a few days without food if they do become Bean Soup.

Mommy has been moving furniture around to get it into the right places and has been doing lots of cleaning...Shhhh! Do you hear that...Crap, the mommy is coming. I gotta go...