September 30, 2006

Uh Oh.

Well, I dont know what got into Autumn but suddenly she decided that she didnt like the filters for the humidifier. The mommy was cleaning out the hall closet and had put these aside a'cause we will need them soon and the next time she went into the bedroom she found this mess.

At first she thought Cheese did it cause he was resting like he just did hard work (like trying to clean his back leg or something). In fact, Cheese was resting so hard that Autumn thought he was dead and tried to do Mouth to Mouth on him (I think she was gonna eat him but mommy was watching). But later, she was going back into the bedroom to clean up the mess and Autumn was following her around. As soon as Autumn saw the filter boxes again she went and attacked them. Mommy laughed so hard she had to sit down. I dont know why that is funny, when I kill something I get into trouble. Wait...I never really kill anything. I am still trying to figure out how they get the vishus deer in the can.

September 27, 2006

New Job

Well, I dont know what has been going on. The mommy leaves the house at 7:30 and doesnt come home until 6 at night. I have been waiting patiently but I have no clue what is happening. Mommy says she has a job now and that is where she goes every day.

The good thing is that we get fed at 7 in the morning instead of 10 so I am pretty happy about that. Mommy says she is a Bean Counter at a company and it is the END OF THE FISCAL YEAR so things are crazy at work. Well we had company last week and I liked them but not enough to go see them every day for all day. I wonder how long this is going to last. I may have to put my paw down...

September 17, 2006

My Bad

The other day the Mommy said that she was going to use the Man bean's study to lay out the quilt pieces. Well, silly us, we thought she said she was going to lay out the 'kill-t pieces'.

We thought mommy went hunting and was going to bring all the prey into the house. Needless to say, we got 27 kinds of excited and ran into the room. When we got there we only found these pieces on the floor. We sniffed and sniffed but didnt find any victims. We thought that maybe they were hiding under the stuff on the floor so we laid on the pieces to wait them out. One by one, the mommy would take a piece away but we didnt find anything worth eating. Finally all the pieces were gone AND THERE WERE NO KILL-T PIECES!!!

I dont think Mommy's hunting skills are all that great cause her victim got away. Maybe I will show her how to catch and eat a bird...wait...she would have to teach me. I assume she knows how a'cause the beans have dead bird all the time and I only get what they give me. All this hunting for kill-t pieces and the crushing disappointment has worn me out. I am going to see if I can find where I left my nap. I know it is laying around here somewhere...

September 13, 2006

Good thing I took that nap...cause now I have to help the mommy with the quilt pieces. It is really hard work inspecting each piece.

Cheese decided to help too. He did some inspecting, but not as much as I did.

And he didn't pace himself so he got tired real fast. After a little while he had to go rest.

September 10, 2006

It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's...

Awesome Autumn!!!
Able to eat a can of food in 10 seconds...
Able to tolerate 3 neighbor kids hands at one time...
Able to melt your heart with one tiny "Mew"...

September 09, 2006

Thats Much Better

Well, it is about time the mommy realized that I was deserving of more appropriate accomodations. This box is not only the right size for my petite frame, but even has flowers on it. That is more like it. How can I be a dainty little princess if I have to live in a big freakin box!!

Now read quietly so I can get some shut eye. I have only had 76 naps today and I am getting behind...No, Cheese, I said I am getting behind, not getting A big behind...Sheesh, brothers...

September 04, 2006


Yay!!! We got tagged!!! we have to list 5 funny/strange things about us. I will start a'cause it is my blog.

  1. I am a dilute Tortie. That means I have a dilution gene that washes out my colors and I am all greys and beiges. In fact, the mommy thought I was all grey when she picked me out. After a few months my colors came in and everyone was surprised.
  2. I dont meow - I meep. Mommy calls me Meepers
  3. I am trying to train my mommy. I go to another floor in the house and call and call and call. When mommy comes and finds me I am sitting there with a mouse to play with.
  4. I give kisses in the middle of the night. I wait until everyone in settled in and then I find the mommy and kiss her chin and knead her neck. She has to keep my nails cut all of the time.
  5. I cannot eat any beef. If there is beef in any of my food I barf a lot and often. It took almost a year for the beans to figure that one out. Now I have prescription food that is Venison and Green Pea. Skeezix would be proud that I get to eat Vishus Deer.


  1. No one thought I would live. I was only 8 oz at 6 weeks and was malnourished and parasite ridden. The mommy took me cause she wanted me to have a comfortable ending. Now I am 3 years old and weigh 18 pounds. I showed them
  2. I can do lotsa tricks. I can Sit, Stand Up, Give High Five, Lay Down, Roll Over, Through the Hoop, and the best one I do is Play Dead. It is true. The vet seed it.
  3. I am a big boy, but I have a teeny tiny little meow. And I didnt start talking until I was almost a year old.
  4. Mommy says I am a Trick Savant. She says I am pretty dopey and silly and she sometimes wonders how smart I am. But I can pick up a trick in just a couple of repetitions.
  5. My butt is shaved. I get infected anal glands...nuff said.


  1. When I meow I take my time and make it last a looooooong time.
  2. when I meow, it sounds like I am gargling.
  3. I only lick the juice off of the stinky goodness. I prefer crunchies
  4. I am a grey tuxedo kitty (maybe I have the dilution gene too).
  5. one of my fangs has a long brown stripe going down it. The vet says it is just the way it grew in.

Autumn Savannah:

  1. I had half of a lung removed last February. I got very sick and almost died. The mommy rescued me and I had to go to the kitty hospital cause I needed the oxygen cage to help me breathe.
  2. Cause I was so sick the fine bones in my nose fused together and now you can hear me breathing from across the room. When I play I breathe through my mouth. It does not slow me down a bit though.
  3. I got my name cause the last people who had me named me Ralph cause they said I had all the colors of Barf. Mommy said that after a name like that I deserved a real Girly-Girl name. But she mostly calles me Princess StinkyBreath.
  4. When the beans first got me I was completely house trianed. I would tell the beans when I needed to go out. Mommy would carry me out, I would do my business and then sit next to mommy until she picked me up and brought me back in. Mommy said it was the most charming thing she had ever seen.
  5. Even though I am only 5 pounds I am not afraid of anything. I dont mind the loud carpet sucker and when Mommy uses the electric razor on her legs I put my paw on it to help.

OK, Now that all the poodins have spoken, I tag Calico Girls, Ayla The Grump, 2 Carolina Cats, Nemo, and Shaggy, Scooby, and Scout.

September 01, 2006

New Project

Well, Mommy says now that she graduated she can no longer call herself a student; she has to say she is unemployed now. She has been looking for a job though, and she says that is a job in itself. I only see her sitting at the computer all day so I can't tell the difference. She did that the whole way through school too so it is all the same to me. As long as I get fed on time I don't care if she goes to school or looks for a job.

Mommy says now that she is finished with school for a while and she doesnt have a job yet she has to figure out what to do with her time. She decided to make a quilt.

Mommy fell in love with a design called Newport Beach. She loves the way the blocks seem to hover over the fabric. She left the house for a while last Sunday and when she came back she had all this fabric and a really big bag for us to play in. We decided to help her with the quilt instead of playing in the bag. I didnt know there was so many steps to making the quilt.

First we had to help her cut the fabric into pieces.

Then, when it came time to put them together we had to inspect the sewing machine. I had Bumpers help us out on this part a'cause he is a guy kitty and he knows about machines.

Poor Cheese tried to inspect the iron but it was already in use and was too hot for him. He sniffed it a bit, squinted his eyes, and left. I guess that means it is ok.

Then, when Mommy was sewing the pieces together, Autumn and I slept so we would be ready for the next part. I think that part involves some words that we arent allowed to say. At first mommy said them a lot but now I think she has the hang of the pieces and she just zips right along.
Tee Hee. Autumn still sleeps with her tongue sticking out!!