July 19, 2006

The Importance of Eat-a-cake

Autumn has gotten behind in her correspondence. When she was very sick back in January the family sent all kinds of hopes and prayers and good wishes. Well she still hasnt sent out thank you notes for all the good vibes that helped her getted better.
She says that she means to send out the cards but she just cant find the time. I dont see what she has going on in her day. Here is how she spends her day:

Sit on the mommy

rassle practice with Cheese

sit on the man bean

stalk stuff

and then drink entirely too much at supper

Well the mommy bringed her some purrty cards to write out as thank you's. Would you believe she pawed through them looking for treats before sitting down on them?? I keep telling her, "Autumn Savannah," I says, "ya gots to be aware of eat-a-cake. It is proper manners to write thank you cards for when beans does nice stuff for you." She just looks at me and then goes to find Cheese. Emily Post, (the writer of many eat-a-cake books) would be apalled.

See what I have to live with. The Heathens!!

July 15, 2006

Yay Kukka

Kukka-Maria has been blogging for a whole year now. That is, like, 2,854,691 naps ago!!

In order to celebrate, she isnt having a party, but, like any proper poodin, she is accepting gifts.

This is what I gived her. I know it was supposed to be a collar for a bean, but I thought her fur would look so pretty next to it that I couldnt resist. I just hope she doesnt hold it against me and wears it anyway. It is supposed to get to her today. I maked sure that it was well purr-tected so that may be why it is a little late. I know that sometimes motorcades attract attention.

July 14, 2006

Tee Hee

Tee Hee!!!!! Mommy was doing the 'puttering' thing today. She says it is just like cleaning the house but in an unorganized, scattered way. She puttering in the sewing room today and We all gotted in the way!

She made the mistake of putting a blanket in the chair and when she turned around to look at something else I jumped on top of it and went to sleep. Ha Ha! Then she didnt want to move it!

Then Autumn went to sleep in the sunshine and mommy gotted a picture of that too cause she said Autumn almost never sleeps there.

When Mommy went in the other room to put something away she found Cheese. She figures there was too much going on in the Sewing room for him and he went to hide out in the study for a while.

And here is how Autumn spends her mornings. Mommy listens to the radio in the morning and does some kind of needlework or knitting and Autumn has to sit in the mommy's lap. Yesterday Cheese was already there and Autumn came over and SAT ON CHEESE!!

July 08, 2006

Surprise My Paw!!!!

Here are the surprises that the mommy bringed us back from va-ca-shun. I have to say, I am neither surprised nor pleased. This isnt the first time mommy has gone on va-ca-shun and bringed back a poodin. That is how Autumn Savannah came to live with us. AND THAT WAS BACK IN JANUARY. Isnt it a bit soon to be thinking about new poodins.

And as if this werent bad enough...they both like woofies!

I have been checking out the other sites to see if any other poodins have to tolerate this kind of behavior and I was really surprised that there are others in my same situation. And they seem to be doing rather well. I was really surprised that Derby, Zeus, Princess Mia and all the
other poodins with 'ramic siblings seem to be okay with sharing the house with them. Then I read that the 'ramic siblings dont get sick, get hairballs, or get to sleep with the mommy. Well, that is okay then.

I wont be as hard on them as I was planning on being, but I will be showing them who is boss around here. In the meantime I think it is best that we stay out of their reach while they explore the house.
PS. the reason Cheese isnt here is cause he cant get his pudgy bootie up on the high shelves. Ha Ha!!

July 07, 2006

Time to start practicing

Just because the Catolympics are over doesn't mean a kitty can rest for too long. Cheese and Autumn were so happy about their final standings in the Catolympics that they are already practicing for next year.

But I think Cheese really wants to win a medal next year. He started playing dirty. This move got him a minute in the Time Out Lap.

However, Autumn is no angel either. She actually tried to rassel with Cheese while he was in Time Out...

...which, in turn, got her a minute in the Time Out Lap.

I think we have a long way to go.

July 03, 2006

Purrty Flowers

Here are the silly flowers that mommy is so happy about. I think they are just flowers but mommy thinks they are something special. I dont see it.

Plus, this morning when the mommy went out to take these pictures she didn't even take us with her. She said that she was only going to be out there a minute,
but then she watered the plants in the front, did some pruning, checked out all the stuff in the beds, and, if that wasn't enough...she started weeding! I mean, she was out there for days and days!!

I knew it was bad when I got up in the kitchen window and started yelling at her and she didnt even look up. I know the window was closed, but as the mommy, she shoulda sensed that I was there yelling at her. All I could do was watch as green stuff - stuff that looked perfectly chewable - went flying everywhere.

Finally, after about a month, she came back in muttering about the
darn wild strawberries. Like I care about fruit. I wanted FOOD. She was a whole 10 minutes late with the stinky goodness. I thought I was going to have to find a way outside and catch some birds for my family...I know I could do it...as soon as I lose a little weight (baby fat) and grow my claws long again.