July 15, 2006

Yay Kukka

Kukka-Maria has been blogging for a whole year now. That is, like, 2,854,691 naps ago!!

In order to celebrate, she isnt having a party, but, like any proper poodin, she is accepting gifts.

This is what I gived her. I know it was supposed to be a collar for a bean, but I thought her fur would look so pretty next to it that I couldnt resist. I just hope she doesnt hold it against me and wears it anyway. It is supposed to get to her today. I maked sure that it was well purr-tected so that may be why it is a little late. I know that sometimes motorcades attract attention.


Kukka-Maria said...

BEAUTIOUS, Mouse! I can not wait to wear it at my next red carpet event! You have such exquisite taste!

Thank you so much!

PrincessMia said...

just gorgeous!