August 08, 2006

Some One's In Trouble!!

Cheese has been having a fun week. In addition to all of the stuff that has been going on around the house, Cheese learned a new trick. He learned that if he gets on the counter top he can open the cabinet up there. This wouldnt be a problem if there was boring stuff up there, but the cabinet is where the beans store the poison. you know...CHOCOLATE!!!

Well, Cheese got on the counter and was able to fish down a chocolate covered protien bar. Mommy heard the crinkling of the package but thought it was one of us playing with a toy. when she went into the kitchen she found this mess:

As if the half eaten chocolate bar wasnt bad enough, whoever did it walked around on some paperwork with messy paws! She looked around and Cheese was licking his chops and looking pretty guilty. Well, mommy put the protien bar in a baggie and put it in the cabinet (at this point she thought she had left it out and that it was her fault). She was keeping it just in case we had to run Cheese to the emergency vet - of course this happened after normal vet hours. A little while later she went back into the kitchen and the protien bar was back on the counter! Well, now she knew it wasnt her fault and that Cheese knew how to open the top cabinets.

Mommy kept an eye on cheese for a while and then went to bed at normal time. When she got up the next morning, there was the tube of hairball paste on the floor with numerous puncture holes in it. It was a brand new tube and it was the big one! Cheese had taken it off the kitchen counter, carried it to the steps and proceeded to eat it on the first landing. And when mommy tried to pick it up, it was stuck to the carpet. I have to say, I have never heard mommy say those words before! I wrote them down and am planning to look them up later.

For the next few days the beans had to keep making sure Cheese's booty was clean since the combination of the chocolate and all that hairball paste made him quite runny. And mommy was scooping the litter boxes, like, a squillion times a day...and we have 4 of them!!! Mommy says that the only good thing about this is that Cheese's booty was shaved last month (he gets infected anal glands) so he didnt have a whole lot of maintenece to do.


Hot(M)BC said...

Did you look up those words yet?

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Oh my goodness! We hope Cheese will be OK. Yeah, our Mom says swears sometimes when bad things happen. How come she can say them and we can't?

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Except for the runny stuff that is a great story. She's gonna have to get toddler locks for the cupboards to keep him out!

Mouse said...

She already has locks on all of the lower cabinets. when Cheese was little he would get into them and make the pots and pans crash around. And he knows how to open drawers too. Kitchen, dresser, doesnt matter. If it is a drawer and it is closed, Cheese will open it.

Patches & Mittens said...

Wow, this is quite a tail! Maybe therapy would help.......Mouse seems to have some issues, or maybe Mouse is just nosey and full of you know what.