March 18, 2006

Fun Stuff

Look what some one was kind enough to let me have (Yes, Aunt Jackie, I got something for free)! It is the kitty in the upper left hand corner! If you want it to follow your mouse around (and what cat doesnt?) then click on it one time. To make it stop just click it again! I was entertained for a whole second or so!


Beau said...

I have one of those. It's a black kitty. It's fun I think. (But I'm much bigger than it!) Yes, we have sumo wrestling in Catolympics, but we need A.S.'s weight for that. We will start registering her for that and finish it up as soon as we get her weight.

Beau said...

You have Cheese as 75.5 lbs. Did you mean 7.55 lbs?