March 20, 2006

Autunm Savannah

This is Autumn Savannah. She is the newest member of our pride. She joined us in January when the mommy went to see the grandma. When the mommy came back she had Autumn. I just hope this doesnt happen every time the mommy goes away. Now when she comes home from doing errands I keep 'spectin' to see new kitties. So far it has only happened one time.
Mommy says that if she didnt bring Autumn home that she would have died - I dont know if she is talking 'bout herself or Autumn, but I am sure glad no one went to the Rainbow Bridge! I still miss Pretty! I will tell you about Pretty later, but now, this is for Autumn. Well Autumn was very sick - I could tell as soon as I smelled her - and she needed lots of medcine. Also she had to go to the 'mergency place a lot too (A.S. said that when she had to go to the mergency place mommy would drive very fast! WHEEeee!). Then mommy started taking A.S. to a different place called TOWSON.

They went there 3 times and every time they came back A.S. would have more of her hair missing. I was worried that she would end up bald. And I wondered why they had to go to TOWSON to get a haircut. The third time the mommy took A.S. there she came back alone!! Where was Autumn? Mommy was on the phone a lot talking to TOWSON so I guess she was scheduling another haircut, but 3 days later A.S. came home and she was almost BALD! And she had things in her side that mommy would always check. Autumn didnt seem to mind cause she was back home, but mommy would keep her in a blanket a lot. I think Autumn was just playing cold to get snugglies.
Mommy said Autumn had nuu-moan-ya and developed an ab-sess and had to have ser-jer-ee where they took out half of her lung. I dont know what that means but mommy thought it was a big deal and gave her lots of kisses and snugglies. And, I have to say, she came back from TOWSON looking pretty ugly. I hope I never find nuu-moan-ya! It apparently makes you get bad haircuts!

Any way, Autumn has growed her hair back (most of the way) and I guess mommy didnt like it much cause she took Autumn to be spayded so they shaved her tummy. Mommy says this is the last ser-jer-ee Autumn will have to have, but then she knocks on the door when she says that.


Patches & Mittens said...

Oh, my goodness, that is a nasty haircut. Glad it has growed back. Mine Mom said she wroted to your Mom about the lympics and stuff. We are glad to see another cat blogger join our ever growing community. Purrs......

Patches & Mittens said...

P. S. Mom says you are lovely kitties!!!

Max said...

Wow. Nekkid kitty. It's funky looking, but I gotta wonder if it also feels kinda cool to be nekkid like that!

Daisy said...

Mine gudniss - wotta lotta things yu had to 'sperience. I hopes yu are feeling lots betta now - yu are certainly very beeyootiful.

(I havvent gotta blog, so yu won't find me in blogland)