March 16, 2006

Hi Everyone!!

Hi there,

My name is Mouse (though my mommy calls me Meepers cause that is the sound I make when I am being cute). I have a brother named Cheese, a house brother named Bumpers and a new house sister named Autumn Savannah (sheesh!).

As the owners of the house we do the things that need doing around here. Things like napping, sleeping, dozing, and chillin'. When we are finished doing all the work around here we also hunt stuff. Stuff like bugs, kibble, mommy, and warm places to sleep.

Our biggest job though, is keeping the mommy company when she does homework. At first this was hard since we only had a spare bed, the floor, and the entire desk to lay on when we were keeping her company. It took some doin' but I finally nagged her enough and she brought a chair in just for me to sit if I could only keep Cheese out of it.

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