March 22, 2006

Meet Bumpers

This is my house brother, Bumpers. The picture is a little fuzzy, but that is is Bumpers. Mommy brought him home a year and a half ago. She said that he picked her and she couldnt say no 'cause he was so sweet. I don't know if he is sweet...he might be faking it. I think that cause he never gives me licks unless he wants me to move. However, when mommy brings home the Tiny Ones to help he is always sleeping with them. That doesnt surprise me cause he sleeps A LOT. Well, he is 9 years old so he is the oldest in the house now that Pretty has gone to play at the Rainbow Bridge.

Bumpers is the official Greeter in the house. When people come to visit, I usually leave cause they are rarely worth my time (unless there is food involved) but Bumpers is the first to go see them. After he smells them he starts rubbing all over them and bumping them (that is why mommy named him Bumpers). He helps the Orkin man when he comes. He follows him around showing him points of interest and making sure the mommy gets her money's worth. Every one who comes to the house loves him...the big faker!

Bumpers is registered for the Catolympics. He is going to compete in the Curling event. He has an advantage in that competition 'cause if it is warm and soft he curls up in it. It is like he has been practicing all his life!

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