March 29, 2006

Autumn Savannah as Sumo

Autumn Savannah has been working on her Catolympics qualification. She has decided to enter the Sumo wrestling competition. I tried telling her that at a whopping 5 lbs (holding a brick) she is going to get her furry little butt kicked. But then she feels compelled to show me how she can quickly subdue her bear with almost no exertion. I can only hope that I am around when she competes, I could use a good laugh.

I think she should be in the track and field events. she constantly chases us around. When she isnt chasing us she is chasing bits that move know...fuzz, specks of dust, the air. Goofy little cat.

Anyway, I am practicing my floor routine. I call this the "Show the Goods" pose. Not only is it impressive to see, it helps me make fast friends with the boys in the house.

We have been keeping the mommy company again now that the spring break is over. This is a hard job though since she is annoyed these days...she found out that she is 2 credits short of graduating. She thought she was done and paid the money to Petition to Graduate. Now she has to take another class AND pay to Petition to Graduate again. She mumbled for a long time and even said words that made my whiskers curl!! I put my paws over Autumn's ears cause she is too young to hear words like may warp her permanently and considering how she is already, we really dont need that!

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