March 17, 2006

Meet Cheese (not Meatcheese)

This is my brother Cheese. Mommy got him the same time she got me. He was really little - mommy says he weighed less than a can of Pepsi (whatever that is) and would have died if she didnt take him. Obviously Cheese got over that since he weighs in at 15 pounds now! He is the biggest kitty in the house! And he really is big boned! He is a tall kitty and if he weighed what he is supposed to he would probably weigh about 13 pounds. Still pretty big for starting as a starving little kitten. In fact, the day mommy picked us up he still had breakfast on his face! Our furry mommy brought us a baby bunny but Cheese didnt get much of that cause he was the smallest.

Cheese is really smart too. He can do about 10 tricks. Mommy's friend, Jackie, calls him 'poor dumb Cheese' but I know she is joking. He is really smart but he is a scaredy cat. He isnt 'fraid of new people but of other things...things he thinks will hurt him. I dont know where he gets that from, none of us other owners are like that. But Cheese is really sweet, and he just LOVES mommy. He sleeps on her side with his head on her shoulder at night. Sometimes he gives kisses but the mommy wont let him any more since the last time he did it looked like some one popped her in the nose (he doesnt realize how rough his tongue is).

Oh, that blanket he is laying on is the one my Grandma made for mommy when she graduated from college the first time.

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Beau said...

Nice to meet you four! Looking forward to seeing you at the games! The nap-a-thon is closing ceremonies, not an actual competition. Is there something else Cheese wants to do? We really need litter throwers. Check out the list on the Catolympic page. I like sleeping in sunny spots too!