March 15, 2008

New Stuff!!

The mommy bean has a new website.

She has been working on it for a while which is why she neglected me so scandalously - or so she says. I think it has to do with all the stuff happening around the house. You know, the decision to implement the M-word and then the decision to not M-word. Looking for a job has kept her busy and then she is trying to get in all the trips that she wasnt able to take last year because her company was busy trying to work her to death.

Now that things have settled down a little she is able to be on here more often so now I get to be on the Tappy Box too. That is until tomorrow...when the beans go to visit the Gramma Bean and her Woofie for a week. Autumn Savannah is worried that with all this travelling that the beans will forget to come home but I reminded her about the Kitty Sitter. We get our own person to come to our house and feed us 2X a day! And the best part is that they leave after a while so we get the house to ourselves again. I telled her, "Just think AS, no one kissing our noses, or trying to give us scritches while we are trying to take our 47th nap for the day!" Well, by this time AS had run off to chase a Nothing (I swear she is so A.D.D.) so I was left talking to myself. Cheese was looking at me funny so I had to tell him that I started out by talking to AS and he rolled his eyes and said, "Suuuuuure."

Pfft...I dont know why I bother someti...OOOOOoooo...a piece of lint!!!


Karen Jo said...

It sounds like things have been really hectic at your house. I hope things settle down more for you soon. Have fun while the beans are away. Maybe you can throw a party or two.

Kate said...

You look like a display cat in the picture. You are just so adorable. You sure do love pictures huh? My rabbits also love to post in front of the camera especially when they are out of their rabbit hutch.