February 23, 2009

It's About Time

well! It is about time! The MomBean has all but forgotten that I have adoring fans for so long that I am an old woman now and all my cuteness is behind me. Well, my behind is cute...and really, my little grey nose is pretty cute too...well, I guess I am still cute even if I am a little old lady now. Well, I wouldn't exactly say old...maybe older than I was when I was borned but I still got a lot of pep in me. But, thats beside the point. The point is that the MomBean was neglecting me. Terribly. Scandalously.

For a while it was because she was working all the time. She tells people it is just the nature of the work she does that she has to work all those long hours, but I keep telling her to just take me to work with her. She says I would have thrown up all over the car and having to work and clean up Poodin Barf wasn't her idea of a great day. Well!

Then, she quit working but she wouldn't let me on the flashy box thing because she was on it all the time. First, trying to find a new house, then trying to find a new job to go with the new house, then sitting on the couch for 2 months (she says it is because she blew out her knee, but I didn't see any blown up bits on her). When she finally went back to work, she ended up working more than she did the first time!! The horror! Lucky for me the ManBean was home all the time.

She worked at that new place for 3 months and then she said something about being downsized. I checked and she is still just as tall as she always has been so I don't know what she was talking about. I was expecting another few months of quality lap time when - BOOM - she got another job! It wasn't even 2 weeks!

She goes to work and comes home at a normal hour, not 10 and 11 at night! She says she is still doing Accounting work but she doesn't work the really long hours so I think she is a little confused. She gets to bring work home and do it online. I have investigated her papers and I don't really see her a'countin' anything. All her papers have little boxes and numbers on them (and cat hair now...heehee) but no beans! I checked for the beans as soon as I heard her tell a friend that she was a bean counter. I figure if I can find them, I can steal them, and then she will have to play with me.

Or I can always save them for when I get tired of waiting for lap time and smother her in her sleep. I figure if there is no one to feed me those beans might come in pretty handy.

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Junior said...

NIce to meet you Mouse! It is nice to see another flame point here!

We noticed in one of your old posts that (we think it was you) sitting under the paper shredder. Please be very careful around those things....kitties paws or tails have been known to get in those things and get very hurted!