November 26, 2006

FOR KC - Tough A*s Tortie Tuesday

Here is the infamous picture of Autumn Savannah when she was sick. Unlike KC, Autumn hadnt had her Ladygardenectomy yet. She was too sick and the V-E-T wanted to take care of the more important thing first. Autumn had an Abcess in her lung that was blocking the airway and it had to be removed. The V-E-T assured the mommy that after the recovery Autumn would be a completely normal poodin (right, like any of us are 'normal').
Well, the mommy worried, and worried, and worried some more and finally, after 3 days of being in the Poodin hospital, Autumn was allowed to come home. The beans had the spare room set up for Autumn and since she was still taking pain medication she just slept a lot. At night the mommy wrapped Autumn up so she wouldnt bother her staples and mommy said she looked like a Jedi Master - whatever that is. During the day mommy let Autumn run around nekkid and Autumn never bothered her staples...until 2 days before she was supposed to have them removed. Then she pulled one out, it popped her incision open and mommy caught her just as she was pulling on the stitches under her skin holding her muscle together. ICK!!!!!

The Beans rushed to the car and drove really fast to the poodin hospital (it was 11 at night) and they stuck another staple in her. 2 days later all the staples came out - on schedule, and things have been okay since. Though, as a result of all of the poodin drama when Autumn finally had her Ladygardenectomy the v-e-t called mommy and asked if the mommy could take Autumn home early since she was being very 'uncooperative'. When anyone walked past the cage Autumn would charge at them and try to bite them. As soon as the mommy got there Autumn was a little angel again and has been fine since.

Now that her fur has grown back from the bad haircut days no one would ever know how sick she was. I am sure KC is going to be the same way - as soon as she gets home and the Beans shower her with love and attention she is going to get better by leaps and bounds. Just wait and see.


Catzee said...

Hiya Mouse! I finded you from KC's mom an I came fur a visit. I'm a Torti an I'm gonna do a TA Torti Tuesday too, ceptin' mine will be on Tuesday.

Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

Wow,what a story. We are gladyou are all better now.

one of us said...

That is a furry good story wif a happy ending Autums. We loved it ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO

One of us said...

That was a furry good story about Autums ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

KC said...

o, this was sweet 'n i's so glad that Autumn gotted okay. u's gotta lets me know when u do tha torti posts so's i don't misses 'em, okay.

pee ess: mine mommie missed lots of stuff on tha bloggies then cause she wuz so skeered fur me. bet ur's mommie wuz tha same ways.