December 26, 2006


Wow, I didn't think Mommy would ever turn this on again. She has been sooooo busy!! I didn't think she could get any busier once she started her new 'job' thing-y, but boy was I wrong!

Shortly after this 'job' started, the man bean's mommy came to visit. They had to put up a place for her to sleep in the man bean's study. That is where this computer is so I wasn't going to go in there and bother the grandma bean. She stayed for a week, and I had a great time with the grandmommy while she was here. I was all 'cited before she came out. Here I am checking out the quality of her bed. I am helping the beans put her room together acause you know they needed my help.

Shortly before they put the bed together the man bean came to ask my opinion of the bed. When I told him that it would do he gave me some head scritches. Shortly after the grandma bean left, the mommy was doing some work in her study and Autumn and I were helping, apparently, by keeping look-out. Mommy is an 'A-Count-Ant' and she brought home some papers from work so we had to make sure there was no corporate espionage stuff going on. At one point she looked up and this is what she saw. Heh Heh, I made the mommy jump a little. Finally, after mommy was done doing work at home, she went into her craft room to frame a wedding picture. She was using lace and tulle on the frame so Autumn and I had to inspect that too. Well, Autumn was in such a hurry that she didn't let me do a really thorough job. You can see that she is in the background trying to hurry me along. Well, as soon as I was done checking it out, Autumn was able to do her job. It passed 2 cat-scans so now mommy can use it on the frame.


KC said...

o, how cute, u's such a help 'n a blessin to ur's mommie, what wood she do wifout u's?

THE ZOO said...

yoo luk like a bride wiff the lacey tulle on yoo.

Karen Jo said...

Good job on your inspections. I hope you had a very good time.

Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

You are very helpful kitties.