March 13, 2009


Wow! There was a murder in Aunt Jackie’s house!!!

She called my MomBean and told her that when she got home that there were bird feathers all through the house! There was no bird, just lots and lots of feathers. She thinks a bird got in the house from the balcony and then couldn’t find the way back out. And with 6 cats in the house…well, it wasn’t getting out even if it could find the door.

She said she asked the kitties which one was the bird murderer…I imagine the conversation went something like:

Jackie: ok. Which one of you carnivores devoured the poor helpless bird?

Cats: …

Jackie: nevermind. I am going to bed.

Much later…
A random cat: hack, hack, h-a-a-a-aaaaaaccckkkk!!

Jackie: WTH? It is 4 in the morning! Like I care at this point!! You are all guilty!

The guilty cat: Heh, heh. I think I will go give her stinky bird barf kisses.

Jackie: aaawwwww, did you come to give the mommy kisses…what a good kitty.

Cat: heh heh.

Well, that’s what I would do if I got the bird. Heh Heh.

Oh, and don’t believe a word Cheese says about his days of living like a rock star…the closest he ever gets is being in the same room when the MomBean plays that stick she calls a Floot.

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