June 04, 2006


The beans finished the yard work! Finally! Here is the yard on the side that took up so much of mommy's time. (Time that could have been spent brushing me, I might add).

She was telling the man that it is finished just in time for them to go on vacation. And, if they weren't going to go on vacation then it will be too hot to use it anyway. Mommy says she can't wait till fall now so she can go sit in her garden.

I am glad all that is over.

Mommy was too tired to do anything 'cept groan about how tired she was. The daddy is injured so he can't do anything either! I swear - are you guys 80?!? - what's with all the griping about hard work. I work hard every day and you dont hear me complaining!

Do you think it is easy to look this good all the time? There is maintenence involved here! Stuff like getting you to brush me, getting you to pet me, getting you to give me kisses and snugglies. It isnt easy to motivate your lazy butts. I dont want to hear about how tired you are after doing all the yard work or working in an office with no air conditioning all day! And I certainly don't want to hear how the woman had to do so much homework her eyes crossed. Come On!!! You were home all day! How tired can you really be. SHEESH!!!


George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

I'm with you on this!! Being the lady of the house when Mom's away, I'm always busy taking care of this place. It's a lot of responsibility, you know. And all she does is sit at a desk all day!


one of us said...

You tell 'em Mouse, sheesh ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

Zeus said...

You tell `em, Mouse! You let those homo sapiens know that their complaining doesn't solve anything. Take a hard line with them!

DEBRA said...


Your beans did a fine job on the garden renn-no-va-shuns. I know they did cuz you soopevised them.

It looks very purrty!