June 29, 2006

I am so annoyed!

Mommy and Autumn went out this morning to weed the garden. Mommy was pulling weeds, Autumn was eating the ones mommy missed. I am starting to think Autumn isn't really a kitty. I am thinking she is more of a grass transport system. Shes eats grass outside and then brings it inside to throw it up.

While they were doing the gardening, mommy saw that her lilies were blooming. She was so happy over some silly flowers. The lilies are peach, and dark purple, and white with peach on them and they are all mixed together. I have to admit, they are pretty, but still, all I see is salad.

Mommy was sad before she left cause she thought that they would bloom while the beans were on vacation and she would never find out what colors they are. When mommy planted them last fall they were just little brown things but she knew she got all different kinds. She knew her lilies would be a surprise this year and was bummed about missing them.

When she got back, she saw that her SweetPeas were blooming at the mailbox, and that her Japanese Irises were finished blooming. But on the happy side, the lilies are just blooming now, the Gladiolas are getting ready to bloom and the grandma gave her about 100 more Irises. Apparently the grandma doesnt like irises and her new house has tons of irises all along the south side of her house. As soon as the rain stopped for a few minutes Mommy and Autumn went out to the side of the house and planted Irises all along the wall and the fenceposts. Mommy doesn't expect anything to happen with them until next year though. Good thing she has Glads on the fence posts, they would look pretty bare without the Glads. I wonder if the fenceposts are glad to have the Glads. Ha ha ha.

While the mommy was weeding she found a spot with lots of little feathers. She didn't see anything else, just lots of feathers. She thinks an outside kitty may have caught a bird and ate it.


Why didn't any one tell me we could do that! What have I been missing out on all this time. I mean, I LOVE chicken so I am sure I would like bird. I mean, doesn't everything taste like chicken? I have been practicing on the moths that get close to the screen at night, I am pretty good. In fact, I would bet that I would be so good at it that I could support my whole family on the birds that I could catch.

Well, maybe just the kitties...

...well, ok, just me...

...ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! The only way I could survive on my hunting skills is if birds flew INTO MY MOUTH. And even then, I would need stinky goodness once a day. Sheesh.

Stoopid mommy and stoopid Autumn and their stoopid weeding and finding the stoopid little feathers.

I am all mad now.

I am going to go find something to shred to bits...wait, mommy cut my nails last night.



one of us said...

Excellent advice on litter training Mouse, excellent. We wonder if all birds tastes like chicken? ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

Zeus said...

Mouse, it's not too terribly bad to never have hunted in your life. After all, that would mean having to work for your food, and who in their right mind would do that? That's just nonsense!