June 28, 2006

Mommy Came Back!!

The Beans came back the other day! I was so happy to see them that I forgot to ignore them. AND when they came back they took about 10 minutes and petted us and then fed us stinky goodness right away! I was so happy that right after I ate I fell asleep. And then, later, they came and slept with me. I gave mommy kisses in the middle of the night slept RIGHT ON HER NECK to tell her how happy I was.

The next morning, when I went downstairs, there was all this...stuff...Downstairs that smelled funny. It must have smelled like the woofie that they were staying with cause it sure didn't smell like our house. The beans went all the way to Missouri and Kansas for a couple of weeks. I don't know why they would want to go there, but mommy says that my grandmas live there. Well, I guess that is okay then.

Mommy said that she brought back some friends for us. I can only imagine what that means. The last time the beans went to Kansas they brought back Autumn Savannah. I don't think I need any more friends, I don't like the friends I have. I don't need new ones.

The Beans still have all their clothes in the suitcases. I wish they would hurry and unpack so I can play in the empty ones. Mommy keeps saying that she is getting to it, but she always seems to have something else to do instead. I cant seem to make her understand that I want to play in them, therefore she needs to do it now. Human Beans...They have been back 3 days and they are already getting on my last nerve. I think knocking something off the table will make me feel better. I'll let you know if it worked.


Isis said...

Oh, do I know how you feel, Mouse. The Mama brings home all sorts of strange smells: sweaty gym clothes, stinky flip-flops, and sometimes, this tremendous coffee odor that just permeates the whole room. That's when I just make her lay on the bed and bathe her arms and feet. Sure, she says, "Ewww! Isis! That's gross! Stop!", but I know what's best.

I highly suggest you give your Mama and Papa big kitty baths. You'll be glad you did!

Zeus said...

And that might explain why you get sick so easily too!

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

You need to rub on everything to put your scent on it and get rid of the terrible woofie smell!