June 14, 2006

Mommy Called!!!

The mommy called. The beans went on vacation last Saturday and we have a babysitter. The Babysitter has been talking to the mommy but this morning I was able to get on the phone and discuss the staff situation with her.

The babysitter's name is Emily and she is living in my house until the Beans comes home. I have to say, no disrespect to the beans, but I think I am going to keep Emily. She plays with us much more than the mommy does. And Emily brings her friends to the house so I can have more people to pet me.

Mommy said that it was a long trip. They drove from Baltimore to Indianapolis the first day and then from Indianapolis to Springfield Missouri the second day. Mommy says it is too hot for her and that there isnt enough grass and trees. The grandma moved to Springfield this month cause she says it is better for her old bones. The other grandma is going to be there today. She is driving from Kansas to Springfield and will be there around 3 in the afternoon. So for 2 weeks the beans will have both sets of parents in the same house. Just thinking about it makes me get all poofy. I am glad I am here and all I have is Emily and her friends. I think they each have 8 hands cause I get scritches a lot from them. Mommy just tries to give me kisses.


George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

There's no harm in trying out scritches from new hands. Aren't Moms scritches the best, though?

DEBRA said...

I bet you still will be glad when your Momma comes back from vacation.