April 28, 2006

It is mommy's fault

Mommy has not let me on the tappy thing in a week cause she has been hogging it the whole time!! She sits there staring at the glowing box and mutters for hours. Strange stuff like case studies, deadlines, and Financial Accounting resources. All I know is that it is never a good thing when mommy starts muttering. It means that we don't get treats a lot cause she is too 'busy' doing homework.

My life is terrible. I don't get to go outside on my own, I don't get treats all of the time, I don't...ummmmm...Have opposable thumbs. Yeah! That's what I want for Christmas this year - opposable thumbs. That way I can get my own treats and work that darn doorknob. I hope I don't have to wait long for Christmas cause now that I know what I want, I don't think I can wait!! I may have to go destroy something to pass the time. And it might make mommy feel bad for me and give me treats. Especially if I sit on the glowing box and ignore her like this...

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Max said...

I feel your pain. The Woman has been so preoccupied with her learnign to ride a motorcycle and reading about them and studying stuff about them that she forgets to open the laptop for me. What's more important? Their stuff our CAT BLOGGING????