April 21, 2006


Wow!! Things have been really fun here! The mommy finished a lot of the work that she was working on and now she has some time to do other stuff! Stuff that is more fun for us kitties...Not that sleeping on her keyboard isn't fun...Just in a different way.

We have been outside for 2 days now. Mommy has been working in her gar-den and we get to help her. I help by running like hell as soon as I clear the door. Actually, I get a running start down the hallway and as soon as I hit the doorway I am a blur that sucks every thing after it. Cheese runs out too, but as soon as he hits the sidewalk he just rolls around on the concrete. And, really, I think he is too big to really run properly. As soon as Bumpers gets out side he eats some grass and just checks things out. He is never in a hurry to do anything, which is his way of lulling the mommy into complacency. She forgets he is out there and then he just wanders off. Autumn is the one who really keeps mommy company in the gar-den. She stands on the wall of the flower beds and watches mommy dig. She smells everything that mommy moves and she even helps move stuff with her paws. I think that is entirely too much work. I would rather check out the yard down the street. And I don't go in the house until I feel like it...No matter how much mommy calls for me.

Yesterday when we went outside mommy put this...Thing...On me. I didn't think too much of it until I went to run away. I COULDN'T!!! I could only get so far and then would stop! I tried it time and time again and I just couldn't get past a certain point. So I figured I might as well check out what was in my own backyard. I had a good time even if I couldn't get out of the yard. We only stayed out for 2 hours yesterday and then mommy made us go back in the house. I wasn't ready, but mommy held the leash thing and I couldn't get away. I was mad and yelled at the window for a long long time. Mommy came to pet me but there was no food involved and she didn't have a tranquilizer dart so I just kept yelling. Finally, after a whole 5 minutes I got sleepy and went to go take a nap. It was a good nap...I am going to go see if it is still there waiting for me.

Huh...How about that...It was.


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Patches & Mittens said...

The MOm has been working in the out spreading cow poop. It is hard to believe, but yes it is true.