April 08, 2006

The sky is leaking today. It started last night with a lot of banging and flashing. The humans went outside to sit on the porch for a while when it started...We had to watch them from the window. That is ok, it was making so much noise that I am pretty sure I didn't want to be out there anyway.

Cheese got to go outside yesterday before it started leaking. Goofy cat! All he did was roll around the driveway and then go eat some grass. After a while mommy picked him up and brought him back in. Every time this happens I try to tell him that as soon as he clears the door he needs to RUN! I wonder why the mommy doesn't let me out without at leash...

We haven't been able to go outside much this spring. There is a stray cat that mommy thinks is making a nest under our porch. She is going to be having Tiny Ones soon and mommy doesn't want us outside so the kitty wont go away. Aunt Jackie is going to raise the kittens and find a new forever home for them. There is a new road going up around the corner and she is afraid that the strays will get hurt by the big rumbly things. So as soon as the stray has the Tiny Ones my mommy is going to have to gather them up and bring them to aunt Jackie. The stray is the only girl kitty in our neighborhood and I think she is getting way too much attention...First the boy kitties all want to hang out with her and then the humans all talk about her cause she is getting fat, and as soon as she finds some Tiny Ones she will be the center of attention again.
Hmmmmmm...I wonder where I can find some Tiny Ones...

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