April 15, 2006

The reason for the duck

We have been doing a lot of work lately! The mommy has a lot of homework due this weekend and we have been helping her. I sit on the floor and help her read, Cheese stays on the desk and helps her sneeze, Bumpers stays on the bed and helps her...ummm...Well, he sleeps. I don't know if he is helping anything but he is keeping her company.
Autumn, however, is NOT helping. She is constantly bringing her toys to the mommy to try to get her to play. When the mommy ignores her Autumn pats her and meows. When THAT doesn't work Autumn gets on the desk and starts SMACKING the tappy thing that makes words. THAT gets mommy's attention in a hurry. But mommy is a smart girl...She found out that Autumn is a-fur-aid of the quack-y duck. So when Autumn tries to smack the tappy thing mommy makes the duck quack and places it RIGHT ON THE TAPPY THING! Autumn won't go near it. She will watch it from a distance but she stays a good tail length away!

Mommy is happy that SOMETHING scares Autumn. Mommy says Autumn is a little too brave for her own good. I think she is just one of those kitties that needs constant stimulation...Kind of like kitty ADD! I am glad I don't have that. I don't think I had that even when I was an adorable little kitten. In fact, I am one of the most focused cats I know, even...OOOhhhhh is that a speck of dust...

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