April 29, 2006

Strange reactions

The mommy got up in the middle of the night last night to find something in the basement. I don't know why she had to do it right then - I was comfy! But nnnnoooooo! She didn't think about the nice warm kitties in the soft bed did she? She had to get up and and go to the basement right away.

She told the guy human that because she is stressed about school she cant sleep and when she does get to sleep she doesn't stay asleep. She isn't very worried though because this happens all the time around finals. She is so worried about doing well that she stresses about it and then she is up at really weird hours. But last night she was laying there and I could tell she wasn't sleeping cause of the way her breathing was, and suddenly she breathed in real fast. Shortly after that she got up and went downstairs. Well, you cant just let something like that go so we all went down to see what she was up to.

She rummaged around in the guest room (she didn't let us in so I don't know what was going on) and then she came out and went to where they keep the music mirrors (you know, those round little things that look like mirrors but when you feed them to the black box it makes it sing). She moved them around for a while and then she said, "whew!" After that she went back to bed and right to sleep. I didn't think about it much cause, well, it just doesn't concern me.

This morning, she told the guy that she was laying there and this thought popped into her head and she couldn't sleep until she took care of the thought. She realized that when they got the new computers and got them all hooked together that our baby pictures were on the old computers and were now lost to them forever. She remembered that she also had back up see-dees of all of the stuff on the computers but she didn't know where they were. So she had to go down and look where the picture albums were to see if they were there. They weren't so then she checked with the rest of the see-dees and there they were. She was so relieved that she went back to bed and went back to sleep and slept all the way until 6 this morning.

I can see why she was so worried though. She may have lost this and then we would have been beside ourselves, cause, face it...we are adorable at any age.

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