May 02, 2006

Gardening and the Catolympics

OK, we are still practicing for the olympics! Here we are so far in our floor exercises. I think we are making progress since Cheese only falls asleep half the time now. I think the reason he doesn't fall asleep all of the time is cause he is too busy waiting for mommy to open the door.

She has been gardening for almost a week now and we get to go outside with her sometimes. She brings Cheese out with her a lot since he doesn't go anywhere while he is there. He sits with mommy and tries to catch bugs. He also helps her figure out where all of her new plants go. Yesterday she planted some decorative ground cover, planted a Hydrangea bush, and placed the rest of the plants where she wanted them. She planted a Purple Passion Rhodedendron, transplanted some lillies, transplanted some Irises, and planted some ground cover today. It was an easy day. Thursday she is going to finish planting some shade plants, plant some bulbs, and get some morning glories started. She also put a plant that we had in the house out there. It was on a ledge and I would step on it every time I got up there so it was in sad shape. She said that she didn't feel like she transplanted it as much as gave it a proper burial. Ha Ha. If I get to go out there again, I am going to eat it!!

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