May 07, 2006

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, Part 3

When Pretty turned 13 mommy noticed that Pretty was getting thin so she took her to the vet to see what was going on. Turns out she had hyperthyroidism...she had a tumor on her thyroid that was making it not work right. The vet said it was no big deal and put Pretty on Tapazol. After a little bit of tweaking the dosage she started gaining weight again...all was good. She was a happy, sweet kitty who liked to sing.

When Pretty was 16 the beans noticed that she was ignoring them a lot. They would call her to take a nap with them, or for some treats and she wouldnt come. They would go to check on her and she would be sitting at the window or napping on the desk. They didnt think much of it cause Pretty was now officially a 'Little Old Lady' and she could do as she pleased. When the beans were able to start sneaking up on her they started to wonder if she wasnt ignoring them, but instead, was losing her hearing. They took her to the vet who confirmed that, yes, she was going deaf. 'Huh', thought the beans, 'another interesting part of Pretty.' It didnt seem to bother her much so they figured it just happened slowly over time. The good thing is that Pretty could really sleep deeply if she didnt feel any vibrations in the house (like people walking around).

Pretty still played a lot and was so lovable and sweet still. She would sit on the mommy at night and let her know how much she liked the book she was reading by rubbing all over it. She would get all happy and purry and start to drool. Then she would shake her head and spit would go flying all over the place. They called her Spitty Kitty when she did that. LOL.

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Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

She sure sounds like a little lover. And so healthy for the longest time!