May 27, 2006

WOW, the mommy has been busy! She hasn't even wandered into the study to turn on the glowing box in almost a week! I keep trying to tell her that just because she is busy doesn't mean I don't have obligations to my fans, but all she hears is "meowmeowmeowmeow!"

Mommy has been getting the garden together. She says that now that the plants have started growing that she can figure out the pathway and where the bistro set is going to go. She finally got the front beds and the side garden mulched. I have to say that from my vantage point in the window, it all looks much better. I was starting to think it was looking kind of sloppy. I even told her that it couldn't look worse if there was a car on blocks in the front yard. Then I thought about it and started hoping she would put a car in the front yard. That would be a great place to play!

Yesterday she took the landscape artist with her and they gotted the rest of the stuff they needed to finish the side garden; Lots of bricks, some stepping stones, lots of white chipped marble for the walkway. It took almost 2 hours! They were going to start on it yesterday but as soon as they got everything unloaded it started to rain so they decided to just start on Saturday.

When mommy is stuck in the house she is painting. She finished all the big painting last summer but by the time she was done painting the formal dining room, the center hall, the foyer, and the living room she was sick of painting. She decided to put off painting the spindles on the stairway until she felt like painting again. She painted the spindles up to the first landing and then stopped for the day. It took 3 coats of paint - 2 primer and one color - to cover up the nasty beige that was there.

The last person who lived in the house liked the Shaker decor so everything was hunter green, beige and deep Burgundy. Mommy hates dark colors and has been spending the summers of the past 4 years painting a room here and there. Before they moved in, they had to paint the entire upstairs cause mommy said it was all a nasty brown color - even the ceilings! It took the beans a week to paint 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms since they were working at the same time. When they finally got moved in mommy spent the weekends painting the stairwell, that ceiling and the upstairs hallway. Now instead of brown they have pretty colors (in fact, mommy's study is lavender with hydrangea border!).

Another thing that the last owner did that mommy wished she hadn't was that she painted the wood. The kitchen cabinets were hunter green and the spindles on the stairs were ugly beige. When the kitchen and breakfast nook got painted mommy painted the cabinets white and they look much better. The last thing to get done is the spindles and mommy is a quarter of the way through with that (you didn't know I was a math kitty did you?)

I think the reason mommy is dragging her paws on the last little bit is that Autumn Savannah is a very curious kitty still. Mommy had been painting for a whole 2 minutes when Autumn ran through the paint pan. Mommy had to grab Autumn and clean her paws before Autumn could lick them, and when she was done with that, had to go clean the paint off the wood floors. Well by then the paint was dry and it took mommy some doin' to get it up. I just watched. I mean, it wasn't my paint.


Derby said...

Your mum is a very busy person. Gardening, painting and such. I just watch mum work outside. But inside when she paints, I am not allowed around.

Plus my uncle Flip lives in Merryland. Mum says a place called Rockville.

Zeus said...

My human pet has been working on her master bathroom (which is a term I don't completely understand - is it the master over all the other bathrooms?) for the past couple of months. She hasn't had time to do the venetian plaster that she had bought a month ago, and so now with summer here, she is hoping to get it all completed.

Perhaps she could get some pointers from your human pet who seems quite ambitious! That sounds like a lot of hard work. As for Autumn, I think she was just trying to help decorate by leaving her stamp of approval everywhere.

Mouse said...

Derby - we are an hour away from Rockville. Mommy used to work there at the National Institutes of Health until she decided to go back to school.

Zeus - I already gave my stamp when mommy painted the kitchen and breakfast room. She liked it so much that she kept it there on the counter. There is a little pale blue paw print on the counter in the kitchen cause I said I liked the color.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Your mom is very busy & ambitious! It takes people so long to get these chores done doesn't it? Whatever would they do without us cats to soopervise the process?!?