May 06, 2006

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. Part 2

Pretty always adored the man bean and she was his favorite too. She slept with the beans and as she got older she slept on the beans a lot too. Mommy said that it was because Pretty liked a soft mushy place to sleep and mommy was good for that. Ha Ha. And Pretty never got sick. She didn't catch colds, didn't have infections, and never needed a vet visit other than her yearly shots and check ups. The beans figured she was a hardy cat since she was a mongrel. They said that she was so healthy cause she got the strongest genes.

For as much as she traveled Pretty was never a very social kitty. She would hide when visitors came to the house, and lots of times people thought the beans only had one kitty - Slippers. That worked out well when the beans would have to get a new apartment. They would tell the apartments that they only had one kitty and then they would have to pay less of a deposit.
Pretty also loved to sing. She would serenade the beans at different times of the night. Right after the beans went to bed Pretty would sing to them until they called her. When she heard her name she would go and sleep with the beans. Also, if she couldn't see the beans she would break out in song. After a while the beans figured out that she only used her singing voice for when she was sure the beans couldnt see her. Other than that she had a very petite little voice, but when the beans couldnt see her, she would belt one out like Ethel Merman! A couple of times the mommy would be doing something quiet and Pretty would forget she was there and break into song. When Pretty realized that mommy was in the same room Pretty would get all embarrassed.

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Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Oh what a sweet cat. And a singing cat at that! She must have been a joy to have around.