April 29, 2006

Strange reactions

The mommy got up in the middle of the night last night to find something in the basement. I don't know why she had to do it right then - I was comfy! But nnnnoooooo! She didn't think about the nice warm kitties in the soft bed did she? She had to get up and and go to the basement right away.

She told the guy human that because she is stressed about school she cant sleep and when she does get to sleep she doesn't stay asleep. She isn't very worried though because this happens all the time around finals. She is so worried about doing well that she stresses about it and then she is up at really weird hours. But last night she was laying there and I could tell she wasn't sleeping cause of the way her breathing was, and suddenly she breathed in real fast. Shortly after that she got up and went downstairs. Well, you cant just let something like that go so we all went down to see what she was up to.

She rummaged around in the guest room (she didn't let us in so I don't know what was going on) and then she came out and went to where they keep the music mirrors (you know, those round little things that look like mirrors but when you feed them to the black box it makes it sing). She moved them around for a while and then she said, "whew!" After that she went back to bed and right to sleep. I didn't think about it much cause, well, it just doesn't concern me.

This morning, she told the guy that she was laying there and this thought popped into her head and she couldn't sleep until she took care of the thought. She realized that when they got the new computers and got them all hooked together that our baby pictures were on the old computers and were now lost to them forever. She remembered that she also had back up see-dees of all of the stuff on the computers but she didn't know where they were. So she had to go down and look where the picture albums were to see if they were there. They weren't so then she checked with the rest of the see-dees and there they were. She was so relieved that she went back to bed and went back to sleep and slept all the way until 6 this morning.

I can see why she was so worried though. She may have lost this and then we would have been beside ourselves, cause, face it...we are adorable at any age.

April 28, 2006

It is mommy's fault

Mommy has not let me on the tappy thing in a week cause she has been hogging it the whole time!! She sits there staring at the glowing box and mutters for hours. Strange stuff like case studies, deadlines, and Financial Accounting resources. All I know is that it is never a good thing when mommy starts muttering. It means that we don't get treats a lot cause she is too 'busy' doing homework.

My life is terrible. I don't get to go outside on my own, I don't get treats all of the time, I don't...ummmmm...Have opposable thumbs. Yeah! That's what I want for Christmas this year - opposable thumbs. That way I can get my own treats and work that darn doorknob. I hope I don't have to wait long for Christmas cause now that I know what I want, I don't think I can wait!! I may have to go destroy something to pass the time. And it might make mommy feel bad for me and give me treats. Especially if I sit on the glowing box and ignore her like this...

April 21, 2006


Wow!! Things have been really fun here! The mommy finished a lot of the work that she was working on and now she has some time to do other stuff! Stuff that is more fun for us kitties...Not that sleeping on her keyboard isn't fun...Just in a different way.

We have been outside for 2 days now. Mommy has been working in her gar-den and we get to help her. I help by running like hell as soon as I clear the door. Actually, I get a running start down the hallway and as soon as I hit the doorway I am a blur that sucks every thing after it. Cheese runs out too, but as soon as he hits the sidewalk he just rolls around on the concrete. And, really, I think he is too big to really run properly. As soon as Bumpers gets out side he eats some grass and just checks things out. He is never in a hurry to do anything, which is his way of lulling the mommy into complacency. She forgets he is out there and then he just wanders off. Autumn is the one who really keeps mommy company in the gar-den. She stands on the wall of the flower beds and watches mommy dig. She smells everything that mommy moves and she even helps move stuff with her paws. I think that is entirely too much work. I would rather check out the yard down the street. And I don't go in the house until I feel like it...No matter how much mommy calls for me.

Yesterday when we went outside mommy put this...Thing...On me. I didn't think too much of it until I went to run away. I COULDN'T!!! I could only get so far and then would stop! I tried it time and time again and I just couldn't get past a certain point. So I figured I might as well check out what was in my own backyard. I had a good time even if I couldn't get out of the yard. We only stayed out for 2 hours yesterday and then mommy made us go back in the house. I wasn't ready, but mommy held the leash thing and I couldn't get away. I was mad and yelled at the window for a long long time. Mommy came to pet me but there was no food involved and she didn't have a tranquilizer dart so I just kept yelling. Finally, after a whole 5 minutes I got sleepy and went to go take a nap. It was a good nap...I am going to go see if it is still there waiting for me.

Huh...How about that...It was.

April 16, 2006

Gimme some tongue!

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHahahahahahaa!!!! Lookit This!!!!!

I was keeping the mommy company while she was quietly weeping over her homework - something about e-mails not working and having to work extra to get the project done on time...it didn't involve food so I wasn't really listening - and I looked over and caught Autumn sleeping in my chair! And thats not all...Her tongue was sticking out!

I catch her sleeping like that a lot. When the mommy sees that she gets all gooey and sappy and pets the tongue a couple of times. Ha Ha. Mommy says that because Autumn got so sick before she came to live with us that the fine bones in her nose got damaged - a lot of them fused together- so now she can't really breathe out of her nose well. It doesnt seem to bother her at all though. She breathes through her mouth if she is running or playing and she snores at night but it doesn't slow her down at all. It is funny though because she still thinks she can sneak up on us but we always hear her before she pounces. And if the mommy needs to know where Autumn is she just gets real quiet and listens for her...it works every time.

April 15, 2006

The reason for the duck

We have been doing a lot of work lately! The mommy has a lot of homework due this weekend and we have been helping her. I sit on the floor and help her read, Cheese stays on the desk and helps her sneeze, Bumpers stays on the bed and helps her...ummm...Well, he sleeps. I don't know if he is helping anything but he is keeping her company.
Autumn, however, is NOT helping. She is constantly bringing her toys to the mommy to try to get her to play. When the mommy ignores her Autumn pats her and meows. When THAT doesn't work Autumn gets on the desk and starts SMACKING the tappy thing that makes words. THAT gets mommy's attention in a hurry. But mommy is a smart girl...She found out that Autumn is a-fur-aid of the quack-y duck. So when Autumn tries to smack the tappy thing mommy makes the duck quack and places it RIGHT ON THE TAPPY THING! Autumn won't go near it. She will watch it from a distance but she stays a good tail length away!

Mommy is happy that SOMETHING scares Autumn. Mommy says Autumn is a little too brave for her own good. I think she is just one of those kitties that needs constant stimulation...Kind of like kitty ADD! I am glad I don't have that. I don't think I had that even when I was an adorable little kitten. In fact, I am one of the most focused cats I know, even...OOOhhhhh is that a speck of dust...

April 11, 2006

Yin - Yang

Cheese and Autumn
Sittin' ina chair
...wait...that doesn't rhyme.
ummmmm...I'll get back to ya on that...

I think Cheese and Autumn like each other. She plays with him and he gives her baths with his stinky tongue. Come to think of it...Autumn gets baths from everyone.

Huh, maybe she is the stinky one...

Kitty Mansion!

I thought it would never get done!
The people worked on it Sunday and finally got it finished. I even helped! And it is TALL! I can sit on the top and sniff the ceiling. The mommy says that she still has to attach the toys but I think it is fun like it is. Granted, I think chasing my butt is fun too but that is beside the point.
Autumn helped the most. She was able to help so much cause she wasn't afraid of the buzz-y thing they were using to put the screws in...I was! It was loud and it just freaked me out(don't tell anyone tho, it would put a chip in my dignity)!
I did quality control mostly (there I am on the top shelf). I made sure the shelves were tall enough, cushy enough, you know...stuff like that. Cheese did his part too. He checked for structural integrity, load limits, etc. Finally, when everythin...is that a spot in the corner? I had better go check that out.

OOOOHHHHhhhhh...Wait till you hear this........

April 08, 2006

The sky is leaking today. It started last night with a lot of banging and flashing. The humans went outside to sit on the porch for a while when it started...We had to watch them from the window. That is ok, it was making so much noise that I am pretty sure I didn't want to be out there anyway.

Cheese got to go outside yesterday before it started leaking. Goofy cat! All he did was roll around the driveway and then go eat some grass. After a while mommy picked him up and brought him back in. Every time this happens I try to tell him that as soon as he clears the door he needs to RUN! I wonder why the mommy doesn't let me out without at leash...

We haven't been able to go outside much this spring. There is a stray cat that mommy thinks is making a nest under our porch. She is going to be having Tiny Ones soon and mommy doesn't want us outside so the kitty wont go away. Aunt Jackie is going to raise the kittens and find a new forever home for them. There is a new road going up around the corner and she is afraid that the strays will get hurt by the big rumbly things. So as soon as the stray has the Tiny Ones my mommy is going to have to gather them up and bring them to aunt Jackie. The stray is the only girl kitty in our neighborhood and I think she is getting way too much attention...First the boy kitties all want to hang out with her and then the humans all talk about her cause she is getting fat, and as soon as she finds some Tiny Ones she will be the center of attention again.
Hmmmmmm...I wonder where I can find some Tiny Ones...

April 04, 2006

A kitten named Aarrg

Three days after Tulip and Timex went to their Forever Home, a neighbor found this little guy and gave him to the mommy. He was wild, but he was only 3 weeks old so he got over it as soon as he realized that the mommy equaled food. He was very very sick and mommy was forever cleaning up after him. He 'pooped soup' as mommy called it and he would only go in the litter box if all of the prior evidence was taken away. Sometimes he wouldn't even go then! Mommy was following him all over the house with a towel and a spray bottle to clean up whatever mess he made.

When he wasn't eating and making soup he would sleep a lot since he was still a Tiny One. He especially loved to sleep all snuggled in a blanket, or pile of pillows, or under a cat. Sometimes he would dig into a blanket, get just his head in and get tired and fall asleep that way! He was too funny! The mommy eventually named him Aarrg since he would like to sit on her shoulder like a Pirate's Parrot...And he growled a lot.

He was only with us for about 3 weeks when he went to his forever home. Mommy and Daddy were going to Newport R.I. for a holiday and they didn't want to leave Aarrg home to make soup all over the place, so they had the V-e-t babysit him while they were gone. She let them know that he was up for adoption but only after he got better and was not making soup anymore. After 4 days, when mommy got back she called to see when she could go pick him up and the nice lady at the v-e-t said that some one saw him and fell in love with him.
Mommy was happy that he would have a new Forever Home, but was annoyed that the v-e-t would let him go home before he was better. When mommy talked to the vet more, she found out that the nice person who took him was a Vet Tech who knew how to care for Tiny Ones with Soup. AND that the new mommy was taking him everywhere with her. She was still in college so he went to classes with her, and when she worked at the office he was there too. He gets to greet everyone and play with the big Barkers...He really does think he owns the place. Mommy gets to see him when she takes the other kitties to the v-e-t and I don't know if he remembers her, but he lets her snuggle him and give him kisses.